Friday, November 21, 2014

Where Did November Go?

Do not be alarmed by the new widget at the bottom of the post! He's just here to keep us all on track.

I noticed when I came here to write this post that I haven't been here since November SECOND. So much for NaBloPoMo! I guess I blew that pretty quickly. I tend to do that. I get fired up about stuff and kind of fizzle out. I don't know why that is. I'm sure there's some deep psychological stuff that I probably don't want to get into.

I am still VERY fired up about crocheting and working at the salon. In fact, ever since I posted this pic on Facebook, I've got requests for more ponchos coming in just about daily! They're all all for the "Frozen Inspired" color scheme like I've done here. I've got some in school spirit colors and another in what I call peacock colors. I can't wait to share them on here!

I have the capacity to make about 3 to 5 more ponchos in time for Christmas. If you would like one, head over to my Etsy shop today! I can do any color combo you would like. Just include the colors in the comments. Please include your phone number too. I like to contact the buyer with pictures of the colors in case there is any doubt.

I'm still trying to get my holiday gift giving organized. I'm PRETTY sure my expectations of myself are WAYYY too high. I really, REALLY want to make a graphgan for a certain family member. BUT, if I do that, then I kind of feel obligated to make them for certain others, too, but I don't know what design to do. Plus, I'm pretty sure I don't have the time. Maybe I could make something else for them and a note saying, hey, yeah, I WILL make you a graph, but let me know what kind cuz I have NO idea! Hmmm, no, that doesn't sound very heart felt, does it? I better work on it.

I have discovered ways to put love and thought into giving gifts for some of the ladies in my life, while shaving a few afghans off of my to-do list in the 33 short days (shipping time not included) left before Christmas.  Spirit Lockets are a fun way to give the gift of jewelry, while still gifting something very personal:

Daisypath Christmas tickers

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  1. Hey there, I found you via the NaBloPoMo blogroll.

    As part of NaBloPoMo I try to comment on as many participating blogs as I can, and I am also adding participating blogs to my feed reader. So I’m just dropping by to let you know I’ve added your blog to my feedreader, whenever you publish a post I will see it. :)

    I have created three bundles on Inoreader so that bloggers can easily visit other participating NaBloPoMo bloggers which you can find here -

    I also have a link up going at my place so my readers can find participating blogs which you are more than welcome to add your blog link to.

    Looking forward to seeing your posts. You may see me drop by again during November, but it might be December before I finish my first drop by to blogs if I don't get faster at leaving comments. :)

    Happy NaBloPoMo to you!