Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Simply SaraSue - My New Blog Home?

Welcome to Simply SaraSue - my new blog home, for now at least. I have started many blogs in the past about the many things I am passionate about:

  • Celebrate Books - about my love of books, reading, and my Kindle
  • The Melody Show- a private blog about my daughter's life, intended for our family to follow. 
  • Craftarrific - a place to journal my crafting adventures, misadventures (a.k.a. Pinterest fails) and a place to promote my online store
  • Saranity Fitness - my pace to chronicle my fitness journey and encourage others along the way. 
The thing is, that's a LOT of blogs to juggle and maintain. I know I just pick a niche and run with it. That is very hard for me to do because I love all of these things. I love to read about them, learn as much as I can, and share with others about them. If I can monetize those words and make a few extra bucks a long the way, FANTASTIC!

But for now, I just want to write about it all in one place, OK? On top of all of the above, I've also opened up a mini-salon, which takes a lot of time to market and promote and get butts in my chair and let me do what I love to do: create beautiful hair and help people feel like I do when someone transforms my hair into something beautiful: cry a happy cry, step livelier, smile a little brighter, and all that feel good, mushy stuff! 

I got an email from BlogHer about updating my profile. That inspired to me to get blogging about pretty much all of the above again (I have so much to catch up on!), then I realized that NaBloPoMo is once again upon us! Perfect timing! Let's see if I can get through it again. I better get going...I have a blog calendar to create...